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tv   Noticiero 65 Edicion Nocturna  FOX  February 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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stage. ashley, fox news. the news keeps coming tonight. here is brian with the news edge at 11:00. we are starting out with breaking news, where a toddler was killed by a rolling car tonight. police say the child's father tried to stop it from happening. fox 5 is live in oxen hill gathering the latest details. bob, what have you learned? >> terribly sad story, brian, happened around 7:40 tonight here on audrey lane. these are the park forest apartments and the car is still here. it's that white four-door sedan there. we are told a three-year-old boy was killed, a two-year-old girl injured. a freak accident when the family arrived home tonight. >> preliminary investigation revealed there was a three-year- old male inside the vehicle with his grandmother. at some point, the vehicle began to drift backwards. the three-year-old male's father, who was not in the vehicle, jumped in the vehicle to stop the vehicle and regain
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control of the vehicle. at some point, the three-year- old male fell out of the vehicle and was then struck by the vehicle. >> we understand the two-year- old was also hurt? >> yes. the two-year-old was injured when the father observed the vehicle drifting backwards and he was holding her. he dropped her and that's how she sustained her injuries. it was not due to the vehicle. >> she'll be okay? >> yes. as far as i know, she has nonlife threatening injuries. >> officer nicole hubboard said they made grief counselors available to the family. the grandmother and father are okay. >> bob barnard tonight. we are monitoring metro now as officers are on the lookout for person or people responsible for robbing a woman at gunpoint on a metro bus near the anacostia station. police swarmed the station to send a message the crime is not welcome. audrey barnes is live in the newsroom now. audrey. >> brian, nearly 40 officers from several different agencies were involved in the show of
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force at the station. police call it a hike, what is high intensity target enforcement. the people who use the station call it peace of mind. >> it doesn't take long to find people who were touched by crime, or witnessed it. >> my son got jumped here. >> it is getting ridiculous. >> as soon as the doors open, the dude grabbed the headphones, man, that's crazy. nobody is doing stuff like that. >> metro transit police released this photo of a person of interest in connection with a robbery on a metro bus this morning. the w6 that leaves from the anacostia station. witnesses said the man in the hoody pulled a handgun on a woman passenger and fled with her purse. >> how are you doing? >> all right. >> hours after that incident, metro transit police teamed up with mpd and the federal
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protective service for a height. that stands for high intensity targeted enforcement effort. >> today's height is focused on anacostia and along the mlk to alabama avenue to congress heights metro station. mainly this is to get us with our community, showing that we are here for them. >> you might need one of these. >> metro does these more than a dozen times a month at various stations. handing out safety tips and raising awareness, especially about electronic device thefts and other robberies. which brianna jennifer sees all the time here. >> ipods, phones, tennis shoes, all the above. >> hope is this high visibility effort will make thieves think twice. >> make a lot of people feel safer out here. >> they need to be out here. >> and there's a good reason the federal protective service was involved in the height at the anacostia station.
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when the homeland security head quarters opens, federal workers will be going through that station. they are trying to squash crime there so everyone is safer now and in the future. brian. >> audrey barnes tonight. new developments in the murder of a 15-year-old prince georges county boy. five men are under arrest charged with first-degree murder. will thomas with more. >> we are talking about the murder of charles c.j. walker. the freshman at suitland high school was walking to a bus stop monday afternoon carrying a bag with a new pair of timberland boots when he was shot in the back and killed. let's show you the suspects all in custody. all charged with first-degree murder. 20-year-old derek green from alexandria, 18-year-old jermani from temple hills. 23-year-old gwen leech from southeast d.c. 21-year-old thai con williams from oxon hill
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also charged with first-degree murder. kevin smith from temple hills. they all confessed, according to police, the men were in a van, pulled up next to c.j. as he walked along 28th avenue. police say the men demanded the shoes without even getting out of the van and c.j. tried to get away, took off, and someone shot him in the back. now to the newest teen killings in prince georges county. tuesday night about 5:30, aaron kid was standing with a group of friends in a parking lot in forestville when someone shot him. the 18-year-old died. one of his friends, another 18- year-old, was hit by gunfire. andre also died. no arrests and police aren't saying a lot about the case yet. but aaron's mother had this to say. >> i do want to say i pray for the mother that just lost her son on monday. so sorry to hear about her son and i pray she gets through this as well as myself, and
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also the young kids just be so careful and listen to your parents because your parents are not going to tell you nothing wrong. >> police don't think there's a connection right now to the murders of aaron and andre yesterday to the murder of c.j. on monday. and you know what? when you add up killings of young people in prince georges county, you get a total of seven teenagers murdered since the beginning of the school year and six were students. brian. will thomas tonight. an arrest made in prince georges county, what appears to be a random deadly shooting. dwayne williams accused of killing walker at a gas station. walker was pitching gas when williams approached him, shot him several times. nearby offduty d.c. police officer tried to catch williams who tried to shoot him. williams was high on pcp. to frederick, maryland, now, where the county sheriff is holding a public meeting to
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address outrage. 26-year-old ethan saylor died last month while he was being escorted out of a movie theater. ruled his death a homicide, listing the cause of asphyxiation. the public meeting will be held tomorrow night at crestwood middle school. former congressman, jesse jackson, jr., entered a guilty plea, he schemed to pay $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items like cashmere capes. his wife, sandy, also pled guilty to failing to report $600,000 in income between 2005 and 2011. jackson faces 12 years in prison, his wife, three. >> jackson engaged in more than 3100 transactions for their personal gain. it is clear that jesse jackson became convinced that his campaign account could be used to satisfy any personal whim that he had.
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>> jesse turned the corner there as well, i think there's reason for optimism here, too, he has gotten great treatment, and i think he has gotten arms around the problem. time will tell, but we are optimistic. >> jesse jackson, jr., resigned from congress in november after taking a leave of absence early in the year from being treated for bipolar disorder. >> surveillance cameras captured the deadly blast at a restaurant. a fire ball shoot into the sky before part of the building crumbled. the explosion killed one, left more than a dozen injured. smelled gas throughout the night, so they had been canceling reservations. it was mostly empty when the explosion happened. it's about to change. coming up, how the nation's capital is panellizing taste butts. sue. >> we have great restaurants in this town, that's for sure. you might want to load up on
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the carbs because it's cold out there tonight and we'll continue on that cold theme for the next couple of days. challenging weekend forecast, too. much more is just ahead on the news edge at 11:00, come on back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] so there's lots of people out there who aren't happy with their internet.
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the u.s. olympic committee wants to know if d.c. is interested in hosting the summer olympics. mayor gray received a letter
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engaging his interest. he told wtob he would have to weigh the benefits to the city. 33 american cities received similar letters about hosting the games in 2024, d.c. and baltimore will have to join forces. the magazine, gq, considers the best meal in america. not new york or san francisco. it's right here in d.c. in case you haven't noticed, d.c. is becoming a hot spot. fox 5's beth parker takes a look at how the nation's capital is coming into its own. >> lincoln, jefferson, washington. they are the people who helped build a nation. now the nation's capital is building into a foody frenzy. >> yes, washington is developing some culinary cool. >> when i moved here --
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>> i think everybody loosens up, has a few drinks and they eat and go out. >> they don't just eat out, they work for it. >> i'll do what i have to for good food. >> close to the front of a very long winding line on 17th street. >> i want to stay a show, maybe. >> the destination is an ordinary gray door that is itching for a paint job. there's no sign. >> i'm in for an experience, also the service is fantastic. that's always a plus. >> it's called lit r little thai food. in the case of little sorro, no reservations, bring your laptop, bring your wine bible. afterall, this is religion for some, and bring fortitude for the line and the food. >> there's one course that was so spicey that we were crying tears, but we had to eat more. >> tears of joy. >> i am, those three windows
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around the back. >> he lives upstairs. >> it is exciting. the lines, now it's for good food. >> wolf gang puck is a culinary king who brought his empire to d.c. in 2007. cooking shows and farmer's markets helped turn americans into smarter food consumers. >> they know about ingredients. they may not know how to cook it, but they know what it should taste like. >> lets the executive chef to serve up some adventurous dishes, the d.c. crowd may have cringed at a while back. contemplating change of jobs. >> corporate tax attorney. >> he did just fine, estado is one of d.c.'s hottest restaurants. >> we are not yet at the level of new york, san francisco, or even chicago and los angeles. once you get past four cities,
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d.c. could hold its own with anyone. >> you can see washington's culinary transformation from up here on a rooftop in northeast where what was old is new again. off florida avenue on the site of what was the old union terminal market, new life, richard works for eyeden. the developer as a chef, he heard the same questions over and over. >> where do you get your meat? >> there are meats. >> some of the most phenomenal bacon in the country. chefs import this stuff. >> plus, spices and vegetables. >> we want experiences. as you travel throughout the market, you hit the soda shop and come in and do a little bit of shopping. you stop for a couple oysters. >> in for a treat -- >> excellent. >> because these days it's not just politics, washington is serving up. beth parker, fox 5 news.
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many of our restaurants, we got to the recession beautifully, too. people support them. very nice to see. >> d.c. seems recession-free. >> and snow-proof a little bit. we had not much snow this year. chances around for a little bit of wintery mix on friday. but that would not be a life- support, either. mainly we are focusing on this continuing cold, but makes us all carve up here in this temperatures. that wind today, wow, relentless. 30 to 40-mile per hour wind gusts. breezy tonight, breezy again tomorrow. i don't think we'll pick up on as many wind gusts. it's chilly out there. not all of them want to come in. you can get the idea that they are in the mid 20s to around 30 degrees and the winds are getting better, still occasionally a gust of 20 or 25 miles an hour. cambridge getting a gust of 32. we think winds will blow out of
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the west, northwest at 15 to 25 tomorrow. while we have windchills in the teens to about 20 degrees, 23 degrees down at leanardtown, we are going to have a cold one tonight. upper teens. 19 for hagerstown. 17 for cumberland. super cold start in the morning. get ready with layers. 22 for gaithersburg. 26 in the district. factor in that wind, it will blow at 10 to 20 miles an hour. it will be cold overnight. some clouds around tonight, no precipitation. but they are getting a blizzard in the middle part of the country and moisture. this will cause a lot of problems. maybe some airline delays as well. a little bit of moisture heads in our direction friday. they are getting good snow here, 6, 7 inches, maybe up to 12 inches, into missouri, those are going to be the big places. for us, it will be a small amount of light wintery mix
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friday night. nothing tonight, though, 26 degrees, breezy and cold. colder in the suburbs. upper teens as you just saw. bright tomorrow at 41 degrees, but rather breezy and some clouds come in late. our breezes tomorrow out of northwest at 10 to 20. occasionally gusting to 25. we are hoping it won't feel quite as windy for you tomorrow. breezy, yes, and still cold. only 28 degrees with sunshine. by noon, 38 degrees and by 4:00, our temperature to 41 degrees. that will be our warm spot for the day. a lot of other warm places today, mid 30s and feeling colder because of those breezes. we touched on what will be happening friday. it does not get in here tomorrow or for the friday morning commute. we might get a little combination of snow and sleet. more concern of freezing rain
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which might try to set up shop along interstate 81. rain for part of our weekend as well. let's check out that fox 5 seven-day forecast and talk about rain for saturday that might end as wet snow as the coastal system runs up. another near miss for us. monday, some clouds, but a wintery mix is possible late at night. our temperature dropped down to 30 and rebounds to 42 on wednesday with a lot of sunshine. that's your seven-day forecast, he has an update for all you georgetown fans. it's been more than a month since georgetown lost the basketball game. the hoyas came in with seven consecutive wins. that's their longest win streak in six years. but syracuse coming up on saturday, leery against the trapped game.
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otto porter jr., averaging 15- pints. showing off his athleticism. he had 11 points tonight. jogtown down 1. porter has a clear fall in the back of his leg and he was able to walk it off. played only three minutes in the second half. it was a career night for smith. the freshman came off the bench scoring 33 points. the most by a nonstarter in 15 years on the hill top and he did it from outside and inside. the hoyas, 90-66. the coach was asked about porter's injury. >> i think he's going to be okay. he was sore. i think he is scared more than anything else. i don't think it's anything big. i thought we were able to get by without putting it back in. so, i think he's going to be okay. >> mike and g.w.
11:21 pm
hosting the smith center. we start, playing defense. gets the steal and he is all alone in for the dunk. he had 13 points. loan yams up o 4 at the half. gw goes inside the freshman, kevin larson. a nice spin move in the lane, and a career high 15 points. 68 h 60 to improve to 6-5. also in action tonight, george mason, 79-50, and american loses on the road. coming up, gonzalez addresses the accusations he took performance enhancing drugs. that's next. there is no mass-produced human.
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on espn, backed enhancing drugs from south florida clinic. the report says out of the 25 players names at the center of the investigation, gonzalez is the only one not linked to ped. he was on the books as a biogenesis customer receiving $1,000 worth of merchandise. none of it was a banned substance. gonzalez said his father, max, was a customer and the substances purchased were weight loss supplements for his father. geo had this to say after today's workout. i'm going to be honest with you, i haven't heard anything yet officially from major league baseball. i plan on sitting down and
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cooperating with them. i want to get this all done before the season starts. and this is a crazy sight today. first round of the match play championship. this outside of tucson, arizona. in the desert, players bundled up, temperatures into the 40s. play began at 11:00 local time. 3 inches fell. 2 inches more than d.c. received this season. no match was able to finish today. one getting through 15 holes, but that's as good as it would get with time lapse. 25-year-old, rickie, showing his age. throws a snowball there. they had fun, but not a lot of golf today. even though matches still yet to begin. officials expect the tournament to be scheduled. that's sports. brian is back after this. ah. 4g, huh?
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on owl in florida will soon be a free bird after a wild ride trapped behind the grill of an suv. the owl road 150 miles at high speed with a bird's eye view of the highway before the driver noticed the owl was stuck. she was stressed, dehydrated, but unhurt. the owl ready to leave the wildlife rescue center. this time she'll be a passenger inside the van on her way to be released into the wild. now you have the news edge. thanks for staying up late.
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see you tomorrow. fox 5 news isn't over. go to for news, weather, and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verison. yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate.


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